As well as having two leading teachers on staff at each campus to support the individual needs of their respective sub schools, in 2017 SMRSS introduced the role of an Inclusion Coach. The Inclusion Coach’s role is split into two main area; At SMRSS and externally to SMRSS within the mainstream educational sector.

Internally the Inclusion Coach works within a multidisciplinary team including occupational therapists, speech pathologists and the school’s social worker in supporting classroom teachers to deliver targeted evidence based practices to enhance student engagement and positive student outcomes.

Externally to SMRSS the Inclusion Coach works with teachers and school leaders of mainstream primary and secondary schools within the Sunbury and Diggers Rest network to build inclusive school practices and teacher capacity to better support students with diverse learning needs. Regular professional development opportunities and individualised teacher support provided by the Inclusion Coach is just one way that SMRSS shares its knowledge of inclusive best practices as a centre of expertise within the field of special education and as an invaluable community partner for all students with disabilities and their families.