The School Leadership Team comprises the Principal who works across the school, a Campus Principal at the Bullengarook campus and an Assistant Principal at the Primary campus.

Two leading teachers take on the role of sub-school leaders at both campuses and support each sub school of the 4 sub-schools.

There are between 6-8 classes in each sub-school.

The teaching and learning program is supported by education support staff members  in each of the classrooms . The  number of staff in each class will depend on the student needs.

Allied health staff work across the school. The team comprises staff from the following disciplines: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy and Social work. A number of specifically  trained staff augment the therapy team and work with the allied health and teaching teams.

As a Centre of Expertise, we have a Learning Specialist, whose role as Inclusion Coach sees her work within the school and also in the network schools .